DSLR or mirrorless camera

There are all kinds of discussions going on about what’s the best camera. A camera is always a personal choice, but if you look at the market, as it looks now, the future lies in mirrorless. The mirrorless camera. The major camera manufacturers such as Nikon and Canon have not updated their DSLR cameras for years. You would say, then the choice is not that difficult. However, it is not that simple. There are countless photographers who have been working with DSLR cameras for a very long time and are used to this. They won’t just switch. There is therefore a very wide range of lenses for the DSLR camera and often also for an affordable price. In these current difficult financial times, this is also a reason for many to continue working with the
DSLR camera.


With an DSLR camera, the light that falls into the lens is guided through a 45-degree mirror to an optical viewfinder. So you actually look through the lens and see exactly what the lens is pointed at. A mirrorless camera, you guessed it, has no mirror. With this camera, the light falls directly onto the sensor through the lens. The image is displayed on the back of the LCD screen or in the EVF. (Electronic View Finder) Today’s EVFs are so good that you can often see quite well what the result will be.


Because this camera does not need a mirror, it can be built more compact and lighter. Autofocus can be handled by the sensor which also makes them much faster than their counterparts. Some cameras can shoot up to 30 shots per second in the highest resolution. Unlike the older EVFs, today’s are very good and have a high resolution. After a shot, the photo can also be viewed here in a more than acceptable quality. The sensors of mirrorless cameras are also getting bigger and better. Another additional advantage is that you don’t have to calibrate the lenses used with a mirrorless camera. Nowadays there are countless professional photographers who earn their living with a mirrorless camera.

In the end, I think we can conclude that mirrorless cameras are the future.

Fuji X-T4