Let’s introduce

My name is William Ramakers and I have been involved in photography for as long as I can remember. Back in the day with analog photography, with the almost forgotten rolls of film. My last analog camera was a Mamiya 6×45 medium format camera. This won’t mean anything to most people nowadays, but just think of a camera that you had to look into at the top with a crank on the side to transport the film. And of course it took a while before such a film was developed and you could see the result.

Finally made the switch to digital photography, where the possibilities are almost inexhaustible. As you can see in my portfolio I have already gone through some different branches of photography. Lately I’ve mainly been working on interior, product and corporate photography. Photos play a very important role in everyday life. Without photos, little would be sold online and identification, for example, would be difficult. Through photos, we now also know how places we’ve never visited looks like. In short, life would be a lot more complicated if there were no pictures.

Presenting your company through whatever medium also depends heavily on the quality of the photos used. A well-built website with lousy photos look less appealing and will be less appreciated by visitors. You will notice that a better presentation of your products results in higher sales.

I can help you with this. Please feel free to contact us without obligation.